Beautiful Kimonos

Sharing the beauty of kimono with the world

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Kimono Wonder

I wanted many foreigners to know the wonder of kimono that I believe is the most beautiful national outfit in the world and decided to start selling kimono antique (second hand) kimonos. From 20 years of experience as a host family, I realized the popularity of "kimono-kimono-" in Japan, I was volunteered as foreigners asked me for dressing and purchasing help. For foreigners who came to Japan, for cosplay and party use, please take them back to Japan's memories. Even if "kimono - kimono -" is displayed, your room will be very Japanese.


Antique Kimono Sale

At Nihombashi store, we are selling kimono for children. Once you find a shop, you are already fascinated by the beauty of "kimono - kimono -" and you can not stop buying it! If you can find our shop in a location that is hard to understand, you can go anywhere. For foreigners, we will give you a nice present for commemoration of your visit.


Kimono Experience

Even full-fledged kimono and easy-to-handle items, both experiences OK! Even those who want to wear full-fledged "Kimono-kimono-" also feel free to "Kimono-kimono-" Recommend "Kimono-kimono-" experience! Because it is a dresser of "Kimono-kimono-" who is dressed a lot also for foreigners, we will propose "Kimono-kimono-" that satisfies your physique and preference.

A wide range of accessories
from handbags to tablecloth

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Amazing Service

With Kimono's professional technique, long bands make this kind of elegant! Antique kimono ยท shopping for Romina. With several thousand yen ~, I am delighted with the cheap antique kimono you get! The German Lomina came to Japan the other day. Since I would like to buy a kimono at a flea market (flea market), when I show my inventory, I am delighted to round my eyes! I also bought five outfits and went home. "I'd like to wear even coat soon" "It is a beautiful kimono, but I cut a little old and remake it to clothes," he said.

Even if you want to buy kimono, there are many foreigners who are in trouble with "I do not know where to go". "I'd like you to make my homepage quickly!" "I want you to mail-out" as well. It is said that silk kimono in Germany will cost tens of thousands even if it is second hand. I was told that it would be very pleasing to get thousands of yen.

(Online shopping is now being prepared.)

Professional fittings
for formal and informal dress

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